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Tall Mug Candle - Pistachio

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You've chosen our Tall Pistachio candle, what a cutie!

A zero waste and unique, dual-purpose candle that has been designed to be used as a mug once the wax has melted down; allowing you to use your vessel again and again. 

Our Keep Candles are:

  • Filled with plant based wax (coconut and rapeseed) and cotton wicks
  • Hand blended using 100% pure essential oils
  • Hand poured in our London kitchen
  • Hand dipped by our talented Surrey potter
  • Free from paraffin and soy wax & synthetic oils

    When you buy a candle from Keep you can be confident that you are getting a nice clean burn that is only releasing good vibes (and more importantly no toxins) into your home! 

    Keep Candles make gorgeous and individual gifts for special occasions, family, friends or even yourself (why not?!). 



    • Glaze: hand dipped Pistachio -   striking green/blue glaze carefully framed with iron oxide
    • Burn time: enjoy 50+ hours of aromatic bliss
    • Dimensions: 9cm x 8.5cm 
    • Weight: 495g
    • Packaging: we re-use the packaging from our lovely ceramics to ensure our candles arrive safely to their new home. All packaging is either recyclable or compostable.