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£1 of every order goes to charity

At Keep, we care about giving wisely. That's why this month we will be giving to Dog A.I.D.

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Our Story

We are two sisters who love creating.​

When clearing out our old flat, we realised how many empty candles containers we had lying around that had been cleaned out with the intention to be used again... but in reality they were all a bit useless! So sadly most of them ended up in the bin.​

A wholly unsatisfactory experience that got us thinking why aren’t candle containers designed so that they can be re-used or repurposed?

So Keep Candles was born – every item is first designed as a useful piece of homeware and then later filled with natural wax to make a candle.​

We make candles containers to keep and enjoy, because who wants to throw them away?!

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you enjoy.

Love Keep Candles x

(Marnie & Olivia)

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Keepers' Reviews

"You can smell them from the box. I am so excited, Iove them! A lot bigger than I realised - what a treat!!! I can't wait until I get my cup now. Beautiful colour too! A very happy customer!"


Keepers' Reviews

"So much happiness when I walk back into the room where my Keep Candle is burning, it smells flippin' amazing. I have literally had it burning non stop and the wax has hardly gone down at all."


Keepers' Reviews

"My candle has arrived… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! It was so beautifully wrapped and it smells unbelievably good! Thank you so much!"


Keepers' Reviews

"The candles look great and love the re-usable aspect of the pots. It also smells insane and is so much bigger than I expected."


Keepers' Reviews

"Mine arrived today and she [my sister] liked it so much she decided she wants one too. I smells amazing - thank you so much!"